Competitive price:

We are able to supply in competitive price due to:

o   Strong networks of sourcing.

o   Affiliation with number of factories and suppliers which given us negotiation power.

o   We can meet price because we work with Compliant and Semi-Compliant factories.

o   Continuous market intelligence gathered by our specialized sourcing division which can concentrates on identifying and evaluating new vendors and prices for development and production, what we do with best priority.

o   The ability to assist improve consumption and efficiency.

o   The ability to source raw materials at very favorable price, production and technical expertise which enables breaking down cost to minimum.



Our professional expatriate production and merchandising team with their vast practical experiences in manufacturing and merchandising combine force to bring customers a professional, well managed, proactive time and action calendar for every order and style.


Action plan:

This enables them to analyse and foresees potential problems and plan necessary solutions doing so, all issues are controlled and resolved before they become unmanaged. The customer remains well informed about the status of each and every order without having to ask.