Compliance and Social Responsibility: 

Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes, handicrafts and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible,taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. In practice, this implies continuous work to improve all stages of the product's life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components. Buying or producing new products that are manufactured in an environmentally and socially/ethically conscious manner is something we all should aspire as much as possible, although it may entail a somewhat higher pricing. Although ideally, clothes, leather goods and other fashion products should be produced and consumed in the manner of sustainability, in reality this is not the case yet. It is very important that different stakeholders involved in the whole fashion, textile and leather industry collaborate on the issue of sustainability, share ideas regularly and help to make the world a better place for the unprivileged. 

Blizzard's aim is to spread awareness and promote dialogue around the concept, principles and best practices of circular fashion, and ultimately to encourage advancements at all levels for a more circular and sustainable industry.We guarantee our customers that their goods are produced in factories where the workers’ rights are respected.We have our own compliance department that constantly evaluates the factories and provides them with mandatory follow-up improvements.We constantly strive to improve the working conditions, safety and benefits of the workers. This is made possible by a long-term partnership with our clients and manufacturers.

We are focusing business partnership who are emphasizing sustainable development and working on it, especially on safety in workplace, health issue and skills development. You as our buyer must also be confident that our products live up to make a sustainable choice at Blizzard.Whether we are a company owner, buyer, sourcing agent, designer, pattern maker, salesperson, policy maker, NGO or an engaged consumer, we hope that this will be a place to go when trying to understand and make decisions related to sustainability and circularity of the apparel, handicrafts and leather industry. Our motto is to development together, share and live together. One percent of our net profit is allocated on this issue. We are following international standards and code of conduct such as BSCI, WRAP, ICS, GOTS, ACCORD.